Kalkitech September 17, 2018

Participation in Multiple Presentations and Live Demonstrations

September 17, 2018 – Kalkitech, a market leader in products and services that simplify field data collection, protocol translation, and IT-OT transformation for utilities, announced it will be participating in CEPSI 2018 with presentations which include insights into customer case studies. In addition, live demonstrates will take place in the Kalkitech stand, #4109 at the event.

CEPSI 2018 will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 17-22 and is forecast to draw over 1,500 attendees from more than 30 countries. The event includes both technical educational presentations by industry experts and visionaries as well and exhibits.

Kalkitech Presentations

“How IEC 61850 Helps During Deployment and Operation”
September 18th at 11:30, meeting room 406

“Energy IoT Platform for Harnessing Grid Data”
September 18th at 15:30, exhibition hall 3 ground floor

“A Case Study on Remote Accessibility System and Disturbance Records Collection System”
September 18 at 16:30, meeting room 406

“DLMS Insights Gained by Tenaga Nasional Berhad in AMI Project Rollouts”
September 19th at 15:00, meeting room 306

“An Approach to Migrate Existing Grid Automation Systems to Secure Energy IoT Platform”
September 20th at 14:45, meeting room 306

Stop by our stand #4109 to see our industry leading solutions for secure grid data collection and analytics, protocol test tools and much more. Kalkitech products are used by utilities, as embedded technology in other utility vendor products and OEMs.

About Kalkitech
Kalkitech is a global leader in development and delivery of vendor agnostic products and services that securely bridge the data communications gap between legacy and intelligent power utility field devices and head-end systems.  By transforming and accelerating accessibility to real-time data and analytics, our solutions help utilities improve system reliability and operational efficiencies while extending the life of legacy SCADA systems.

For more information about Kalkitech products and services, visit our website at  Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn; check out our videos on YouTube to learn more.

Media Contact
Denise Barton
Head of Global Marketing
+1(408) 364-0500

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