Utility digital transformation services are beneficial for all ecosystem stakeholders in utilities, industries segments - including end customers, other equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and software providers. Digital transformation is beneficial for streamline operations, enhance operational efficiencies and improve interactions with consumers. With technology advanced solutions, we help the energy and utility industry to transform operations and systems to create substantial value while reducing the operating expenses considerably.

What Kalkitech Utility Digital Transformation Service Offer?

With more reliable insights by correlating the IT and OT data, utilities & industries to plan effective resource allocation, improve overall cyber-security, explore better revenue opportunities easily. Being one of the leading utility transformation solutions providers across the world, we offer innovative solutions to the utility ecosystem, helping them to establish new business models and develop sustainable strategies for producing and delivering energy.

  • IoT Integration services incorporate migration to cloud platforms, edge software and hardware adaptation, and data analysis.
  • Optimize cost by reducing building blocks such as data storage, computing power, and internet bandwidth.
  • Adapt cloud and IoT technologies without disrupting existing systems and processes.
  • Automate utility operations, empowering new service development, and driving better customer satisfaction.
  • Streamline operations, optimize data analysis, and manage power distribution in an increasingly complex energy market.