This describes terms of Kalkitech /ASE’s Hardware Warranty and Software Subscription policy, including what is provided as standard with the initial product purchase, and how to obtain extended warranty and support.


Warranty” defines repair or replacement policies for non-operational hardware. The term Warranty is identical to “Hardware Warranty”.

Subscription” defines the policy for obtaining technical support, new software releases, updates, software patches, security patches and resolution of software issues. The term Subscription is identical to “Software Support” or “Support”.

Product Maintenance” refers to a combination of Hardware Warranty and Software Subscription for the same product. The term “Maintenance” is the same as Product Maintenance.

Standard” refers to warranty, support, or maintenance provided with the initial product purchase.

Extended” refers to warranty, support, subscription, or maintenance provided after the Standard warranty, support, or maintenance period expires.

SaaS” Software as a Service Subscription. In this Subscription, the user can use the software only during the period the subscription is valid. Updates, support, and hardware warranty for BCOM and Modem will be available during the Subscription Period.

Hardware Warranty

Hardware Warranty guarantees repair or replacement of a hardware item that fails for any reason other than customer neglect or misuse, or force majeure events such as floods or lightning. It does not cover lost items. The failed item must first be returned to Kalkitech/ASE as part of the warranty process. Kalkitech/ASE will expeditiously evaluate the item and either repair or replace it, at Kalkitech/ASE’s discretion.

The customer is responsible for paying shipping fees to return the failed item to Kalkitech/ASE. Kalkitech/ASE will pay return UPS Ground shipping of the repaired or replaced unit if the return address is within the Continental United States or Canada. Kalkitech/ASE does not pay expedited shipping charges or shipping charges to locations outside the Continental U.S. or Canada. Import duties, brokerage fees, or any similar charges required to clear items through customs are not paid for by Kalkitech/ASE to Canada or any other country. Non-covered shipment expenses are the responsibility of the customer.

To return an item, an RMA number must be obtained by contacting Kalkitech/ASE either via Email or phone. The RMA number ensures that Kalkitech/ASE can track the receipt and resolution of the returned item.

An RMA number can also be used to return items not under warranty. The customer will be apprised of repair/replacement charges for any such item before the item is returned. Charges will never exceed the replacement cost for a new item. Standard labor rates apply for items that can be repaired; please contact us for details.
Technical support via telephone or Email is provided for all hardware items under warranty.

Warranty Period

A standard one-year warranty is provided on all hardware items sold by Kalkitech/ASE. The one-year coverage period starts with the product ship date.

An extended Hardware Warranty is available that extends the warranty period for one or three years after the expiration of the initial warranty.

Software Subscription

Software subscription provides:
⦁ Telephone or Email support to answer technical questions.
⦁ Rights to install and use software update releases made during the warranty period.
⦁ Rights to submit software problem reports.
⦁ Priority attention by Kalkitech/ASE staff to correction of problems deemed critical to field operation.
⦁ For the SPT-PC and SPTSRV protocol translation products, technical support is provided to only one company designated contact. Since SPT configuration frequently requires more training than other Kalkitech/ASE products, and since it can require customization based on an organization’s specific equipment and communication network, a single customer contact helps disseminate such information efficiently within an organization.

Subscription Period

Software from Kalkitech / ASE is available as a Subscription with two pricing and delivery models.

Standard License

ASE / Kalkitech software along with accessories is available as a subscription with an upfront license fee. This Subscription includes an initial 1 Year of Software Updates, Support, and Warranty on Hardware Accessories if applicable (Eg: BCOM-USB, Modem, etc.,). Customers are required to renew the subscription upon expiry of the Subscription in order to be eligible for software updates, support, and warranty on any hardware accessories that come with the product. In the event that the customer does not renew the Subscription, the customer can continue to use the old version of the software till perpetuity, but without Support, Warranty, and ability to install new updates. In the event that the customer decides to renew the subscription, the customer will have to make the software subscription current or pay a reinstatement fee before the subscription can be renewed.

Software as a Service License

ASE / Kalkitech software along with accessories are available as a Software as a Service offering. This involves an Annual Subscription fee which allows the use of the software for 1 Year with an Update & Support subscription for 1 Year. Customers are required to renew the Subscription upon the expiry date in order to be able to use the Software and be eligible for software updates, support, and warranty on hardware accessories if applicable (Eg: BCOM-USB,  Modem, etc.,) that come with the product.

Software Support, Updates, and Hardware Warranty on Accessories

Standard License

Standard License comes with one-year Software Support, Updates, and Hardware Warranty on Accessories Subscription. The one-year coverage period starts from the product ship date. During the Subscription period, software updates, support, and warranty for hardware accessories if applicable (Eg: BCOM, Modem, etc.,) are available.

Subscription can be renewed every year which extends access to Software Updates, Bug fixes, Software Support, and maintenance as well as a Warranty for hardware accessories if applicable, supplied with the software.

Software as a Service License

The annual subscription license comes with support, warranty, and bug fixes during the Subscription Period. At the end of the Subscription Period, the Software will not be usable, unless the Subscription is renewed. There is no separate support/maintenance subscription that needs to be purchased. Warranty for Hardware Accessories if applicable (Eg: BCOM, Modem, etc.,) are included during the initial Subscription period and renewals there-off at no additional cost other than the Subscription Fee.

Combined Extended Software Subscription and Hardware Warranty

This offering is available for one or three years and bundles the Extended Hardware Warranty and Extended Software Subscription together for a single product. This applies to our Hardware Products with application firmware licenses running specific applications like protocol translation, cloud connectivity, control logic, field data interfaces, etc.,

General Conditions

Kalkitech/ASE is not liable for incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, the cost of labor, re-qualifications, rework charges, delay, lost profits, or loss of goodwill arising out of the sale, installation, or use of any Kalkitech/ASE product. If Kalkitech/ASE has any liability for breach of contract, breach of any implied condition, warranty, or representation, the aggregate liability of Kalkitech/ASE to Buyer shall be limited in respect of any occurrence or series of occurrences to the actual purchase value of the products.