SyncConnect Utility Gateway

KALKI.IO Edge utility gateway identified as KIOE 200/2000/3000 is the software used for utility applications such as substation automation, distribution automation. Variant models with pre-packed licenses enable each model to be sued for specific applications such as generation stations, transmission substations, sub-transmission substations, primary distribution stations, and secondary compact substations. Utility gateway can be used as substation data concentrator as well with the capability to collect fault/ disturbance files from protection relays and enabled remote IED management. Because of the application criticality, this package comes with features such as device redundancy and communication redundancy, which make it a highly reliable and available solution. It can be used for niche applications including substation to control centre gateway, disturbance data recording, phasor data concentration, inter control centre gateway using ICCP protocol, grid meter data concentrator, demand response controller, and smart grid controller.

Utility Gateway is available in different packaging options such as Debian, RPM, and docker to suit a wide range of edge device platforms. The software is validated on recognized industrial hardware certified to be used for substation rugged environments.


KALKI.IO Edge Utility gateway is used for solution areas such as Substation Automation, distribution automation, Grid metering, generation plant monitoring



Remote monitoring and management using KALKI.IO

A multi-protocol gateway to interface with SCADA level

Proven sturdy interoperability with thousands of devices used in the solution for electrical substation

Various options to synchronize the time of the gateway with end devices

Simplify operations through consolidation of functions

Optimize cybersecurity management facilitating modular updates

Remote secure access to substation data and settings

Transparent tunneling for remote management of field devices

Configurable alarms and events for security-related occurrences

Automated retrieval & storage of fault file

Secure authentication & encryption to meet the to NERC CIP requirements

Central password control and synchronization

License Packs

DER Gateway KIOE 2300Utility Gateway KIOE 200/2000/3000 Industrial Gateway KIOE 2400 Protocol Gateway KIOE 2500
DNP3/IEC104 / IEC101 / Modbus / DLMS/ SunSpec / IEEE 2030.5 /
IEC 61850 / DNP3 / IEC 104 / IEC 101 / IEC 103* / Modbus / DLMS
IEC 61850 / DNP3 / IEC 104 / IEC 101 / IEC 103* / Modbus / DLMS
Selectable Protocol License
Database Support
Influx DBO
Integration Support
Edge Analytics Support
Simple Logic Engine
IEC 61131 Logic EngineO O OO
AWS GreenGrassO

✓ - Included

○ - Optional

More Details

KALKI.IO EDGE (KIOE) earlier known as SyncConnect utility gateways are secure access points to the utility automation and control network, which provides a layer of security protection, and ensures the confidentiality and integrity for engineering access and data collected from field devices using various protocols with real-time access to key operational data. KIOE Utility Gateway through its secure and controlled interface provides connectivity to a vast range of substation devices for data collection, secure remote access, automatic retrieval of fault recordings, and remote view of device settings. The software gateway also helps in enabling NERC CIP compliance for the substation network.


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