Products for Energy & Utilities

Our products help Energy & Utility industry acquire & exchange real-time data and non-operational data with data centers and control centers. We help integrate field systems with analytics applications, asset management systems, and cloud platforms. We do protocol testing & validation of field equipment in real-time with advanced AI/ML, and provide performance monitoring & optimization, billing, scheduling, and settlement for large power plants.

Protocol Test Sets

Kalkitech / ASE offers protocol test sets for 80+ SCADA/RTU protocols, including standard protocols like DNP3, IEC 101/104, IEC 61850, and DLMS COSEM and several legacy bit and byte protocols.

ASE2000 RTU Test Set

Comprehensive RTU Test Set with 80+ protocols, master, slave, and monitor mode for Bit, Byte, and standard Serial and Network protocols like DNP3, IEC 101/104.

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ASEDLMS Meter Test Set

Comprehensive DLMS COSEM Meter Test Set with Support for IEC 62056 / DLMS COSEM Client, Server, and monitor mode.

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ASE61850 Relay Test Set

Comprehensive IEC 61850 Relay Test Set with Support for IEC 61850 Client, Server, GOOSE, Sampled Value (SV), and monitor mode.

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ASE61850 SCL Manager

Comprehensive IEC 61850 Substation Configuration Tool that supports SCL Configuration and Engineering for Substation Design, Engineering, SCL, and SCD validation, verification, and testing with Support for integration with the Utility design process and tools.

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Automation & Control

Kalkitech/ASE offers Remote Terminal Units for low and medium voltage networks, Substation Alarm Annunciator, and Bell 202 Modem in addition to Data Concentrators and Protocol Gateways for Automation & Control.

Remote Terminal Units

SYNC 2100 series of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are ideal for low voltage and medium voltage electrical networks for Utility Distribution and Medium Voltage Transmission Networks as well as industrial electrical networks.

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Substation Alarm Annunciator

Substation Alarm Manager (SAM) was developed in order to provide power utilities with a simple way to show the current status and data within a substation

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Bell 202 / 202T Modem

Bell 202/202T and V.23 modems designed for operation over leased line communication circuits as commonly used in the electrical power and pipeline SCADA industries. Available as stand-alone modems or as Rack Mount units.

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Protocol Converter

Kalkitech/ ASE offers a wide range of protocol converter solutions to meet all of your protocol conversion needs. Starting with software protocol converters that will run on off-the-shelf hardware, to embedded protocol modules or boards that integrate with your existing or new products, to stand-alone protocols converters for DNP3, IEC61850, IEC 101, IEC 104, Modbus to Bit & Byte Protocol Converters to Software Converters

SYNC2000 Protocol Converter

Substation rugged multi-channel protocol converter with Support for IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 104, MQTT, DLMS COSEM, and over 40+ protocols. Ideal for integration with SCADA, Control Center, Load Dispatch Centers, Asset Management Applications, and Cloud IoT platforms.

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SPTSRV Legacy Protocol Converter

Substation multi-channel protocol converter and terminal server that supports conversion of Bit and Byte legacy protocols to DNP3 and IEC 104 Protocol. Supports legacy protocols like CDC, Harris 5000, Conitel, Wisp, and 80+ more and ideal for the digital transformation of legacy systems and Serial to IP Migration.

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SYNC 200 Embedded Boards

Protocol converter suitable for OEMs to embedthe hardware in their existing relays, RTUs, Sensors, and IEDs to upgrade the product to the latest Smart Grid substation and metering protocols (DNP3, IEC 104, IEC 101, MQTT, IEC 61850, GOOSE, DLMS) with minimum R&D effort and time

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SPT-PC Software Gateway

ASE SPT-PC is a Windows PC-based communication gateway designed for use in SCADA environments to manage the flow of data and control operations between RTUs, IEDs, and master stations, HMI systems, and user-developed application processes.

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Data acquisition middleware in Cloud for Smart Metering, DER, Electrical Network, Asset Analytics, SCADA, and IoT applications

Metering Headend

Cloud-based meter data acquisition middleware for Electric, Gas and Water metering in Industrial, Residential, and Commercial applications.

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DER Headend

Distributed Energy Resources middleware for Remote Monitoring, Control and Analytics of Distributed Energy Resources like Solar, Wind, Storage, and Microgrids in Utility, Industrial and Commercial applications

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SmartCity Headend

Electric, Gas, Water, and Wastewater metering middleware for Smart Cities, Including B2B billing solution for Water/ Gas/ Electricity/ Wastewater and BTUs

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Remote Device Maintenance

A Cloud-basedsecure remote device access and management service for your equipment and assets.

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Distribution Network Headend

Cloud-baseddistribution network middleware for Low voltage Electrical Grid Monitoring, Control and Asset Analytics

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KALKI.IO edge software enables cloud connectivity for field devices, sensors, RTU’s, PLC’s, Meters, and Controller. It supports MQTT, OPC-UA, DLMS COSEM, DNP3, IEC61850, IEC 101, IEC 104, Ethernet/IP, BACnet/IP and 85+ protocols.

DER Gateway

Software gateway used for distributed energy resource applications including Solar PV, Energy storage, Windfarms, and Electric vehicle charging stations

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Utility Gateway

Software gateway used for Utility applications such as substation automation, distribution automation.

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Industry4.0 Gateway

Software gateway used for industrial applications such as Manufacturing, Process, Mining, Transport.

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Protocol Gateway

General-purpose software gateway used for remote device management, asset monitoring for Industry4.0, smart grid, and smart cities

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DLMS Software

DLMS COSEM Software Library and Simulation Software for Smart Metering Applications.

SYNC500 DLMS Source code Library

ANSI C Source Code Library to help you support DLMS on your metering hardware within a short time, with a field-proven and conformance tested protocol stack implementation

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ASEDLMS Meter Simulator enables Utilities, OEMs, and System integrators to evaluate Smart Meter Headend during development, validation, vendor selection, pilot deployment, and full rollout.

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DLMS Functional Evaluation Software

Functional Evaluation Tool (FET) is a DLMS Test tool for testing the conformance of meter for a DLMS companion specification.

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Data Concentrator

High-performance & Secure Data concentrators for Energy & Utility applications

SYNC2000 - M5 Secure Substation Gateway

SYNC 2000 secure substation gateway is ideal for sub-transmission and medium voltage substation automation and gateway applications

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SYNC3000 Secure Substation Gateway

SYNC 3000 series of products, a range of high - performance data concentrators and communication devices, serve as the ideal substation communication hub with advanced features like redundancy, robustness, and security features compliant with IEC and NERC - CIP standards

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SYNC4000 Front End Gateway

SYNC 4000 products series are Control Centre level Front end servers used for a variety of high - performance data collection and concentration applications, including Wide-Area Monitoring, SCADA/DMS Data Aggregation, M2M Data Concentration

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