KALKI.IO Telemetry headend is a data acquisition and device management middleware available as cloud service or as software license deployable on your server infrastructure. Telemetry headend software simplifies real-time telemetry collection from OT field devices such as programming logic controllers (PLC), remote terminal units (RTU), controllers, protection Relays, sensors, IEDs, Smart Meters, Data loggers, Machines, and other IoT & IIoT devices. Kalki.io supports 100+ device communication adaptors. The software can perform bi-direction data exchange with the devices and expose these data to SCADA systems, or to IoT platforms hosted on public, private cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Kalki.io also provides connectors to integrate with other data center software such as ERP, asset management applications.

KALKI.IO Telemetry Headend is a data acquisition middleware to collect operational and non-operational data from field OT devices and systems such as RTUs, PLCs, SCADA/ Historian


Power Utilities

Telemetry headend collects data from field devices from power utilities  РGeneration, Transmission or distribution utilities

Can integrate with devices in utility substations and electrical distribution network


Water & Gas Utilities

Telemetry headend to collect data from water, wastewater or gas distribution network /pipelines

Common headend for water treatment plants and seawater desalination plants,  Sludge treatment plants, Sewers and pump stations


Real-time monitoring of industrial equipment, machinery, and applications.

Factory Automation & Process Control, Manufacturing, Mining, Chemical, Oil and Gas upstream and downstream applications



AN0060014 - Telemetry Front end Application Note v1.0

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