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SyncConnect DER Gateway

KALKI.IO DER Gateway identified as KIOE 2300 and earlier known as SyncConnect DER Gateway is a software gateway used for distributed energy resource applications namely Solar PV, Energy storage, wind farms, and electric vehicle charging stations. With the pre-licensed software package for solar PV plants, wind farms, EV charging stations, the DER Gateway software is a suitable product for multiple energy monitoring applications whether its energy generation or a consumption point. KIOE can be deployed at the Edge Or at the base stations of Low power wide area network service providers such as LoraWAN.


KIOE DER gateway is used for solution areas such as Solar PV, Energy storage, windfarms, and electric vehicle charging stations



Flexibility In Automatic Monitoring And Management Of High-Volume Data Field Devices

Flexibility In Automatic Monitoring And Management Of High-Volume Data Field Devices

Secure And Scalable Infrastructure Supporting Off-Line And Real-Time Data Collection

Flexible To Support Custom Data Model For MQTT JSON Modelling Tool

Share Data With Local Applications Or Remote Applications On Common Data Model Irrespective Of The Southbound Protocol

MQTT Publisher And Subscriber Support Help In Using The Software As MQTT Gateway As Well

Connects To Cloud-Based Infrastructure And Share Real-Time Data With Cloud-Based Applications

KALKI.IO Can Be Used For Remote Management And Configuration Of The Software

Configuration Using The Desktop-Based Tool Or REST Apis

Inbuild Secure Proxy To Connect And Route The Field Area Network With The Central Server

Secure TLS 1.2 Tunneling For Communication And Configuration

License Packs

DER Gateway KIOE 2300Utility Gateway KIOE 200/2000/3000Industrial Gateway KIOE 2400Protocol Gateway KIOE 2500
Protocol Support
DNP3/IEC104 / IEC101 / Modbus / DLMS/ SunSpec / IEEE 2030.5 / OCPP
IEC 61850 / DNP3 / IEC 104 / IEC 101 / IEC 103* / Modbus / DLMS
IEC 61850 / DNP3 / IEC 104 / IEC 101 / IEC 103* / Modbus / DLMS
Selectable Protocol License
Database Support
Influx DB
Integration Support
Edge Analytics Support
Simple Logic Engine
IEC 61131 Logic Engine
AWS GreenGrass

✓ - Included

○ - Optional

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More Details

KALKI.IO EDGE DER Gateway provides a vibrant set of edge functionality, allowing utilities and energy producers not only to monitor and control their assets but also take critical decisions at the edge using add-on data processing application build on the top of KIOE using the extended set of APIs and MQTT interface provided. This feature improves traditional monitoring systems, increasing reliability, asset life, and network capacity. Software is available in various packaging options such as Debian, RPM, and docker to suit a wide range of edge device platforms. It’s validated on recognized industrial edge devices and gateway hardware. Independency on the number of peripherals (ethernet/ serial ports) makes it flexible to use in various applications.


DS0140066 DER-Gateway Brochure v2.02.032021

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