IoT Edge & Cloud Integration

IoT enabled digital transformation is critical to most industries, especially for the Energy & Utilities Industry. It provides significant bottom-line benefits with predictive and preventive maintenance, analytics, real-time visualization, continuous customer engagement, and reporting and adopts AI/ML technology. Kalkitech consulting help you with the IoT / Cloud Integration and digital transformation initiatives to achieve your digital, cloud, and IoT goals. We engage with our customers in analyzing field/sensor readiness for integration, application integration readiness, and solution landscape to arrive at the right solution for the digital journey. We then assist in enabling legacy and new IoT and device / equipment infrastructure to the Cloud platform of choice, leveraging integration middleware with 100+ protocol support. With a full-service portfolio of hardware, software, edge, analytics, AI/ML, and cloud capabilities, together with SCADA/DMS/EMS/RTU/Controller/PLC expertise, we provide a comprehensive set of migration integration offerings to our customers.

Key Features

  • IoT readiness & Application Integration readiness assessment
  • IoT adaptation roadmap, technology identification & implementation
  • Cloud Integration roadmap, technology identification & implementation
  • IoT & Cloud Security
  • On-boarding & roll-out support and maintenance

More Details

Edge IoT Support Cloud Integration Support Edge andCloud Security
  • Legacy and standard field protocol support for Commercial, Industrial, Energy and Utility applications
  • Support deployment Edge IoT container for IoT applications
  • Support AWS Green Grass, Lambda, UBIQSENS, Free RTOS, Azure Edge, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and more
  • Container, Docker, Linux distribution and RTOS expertise
  • 100+ protocol library and implementation expertise
  • Custom development of IoT and Sensor protocols and applications
  • AWS IoT Integration and solution implementation using the entire AWS IoT Stack including IoT Core, Sage maker, Kinesis Streams, Kinesis Analytics, IoT Analytics, Quicksight, and data storeusingS3
  • Azure–Expand similar for Azure
  • Google Cloud–Expand similar to Google Cloud
  • With our strong expertise in NERC / CIP ready product development and IEC 62351 and IEEE 1686security requirements, we are able to design, build, and deploy strong security architecture for IoT implementations.
  • We provide device hardening, TPM and secure boot support, device and firmware signing infrastructure, App Armor based secure execution environment and X.509 based PKI infrastructure for IoT
  • We provide solutions that harden your head end platform on the cloud and cloud integration and keep your trust chains secure and compliant to various regulatory and industry-standard guidelines and practices.

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