IT / OT Integration

In the era of digital transformation, IT/OT integration is now more important than ever for all industries to benefit from the silos of data within their enterprise and use them for making business-critical, customer-friendly, or bottom-line improvement decisions. A good IT/OT integration significantly improve management visibility to their business and operation process, critical risks, and opportunities for the business.
We help companies integrate seamlessly their IT and OT systems. With a strong background in legacy and standards-based OT systems and strong IT expertise, Kalkitech has been at the forefront of enabling companies to integrate these systems together.


  • Various make SCADA / DMS / EMS expertise
  • Various make RTU expertise
  • Various make PLC expertise
  • Various make sensor expertise
  • 100+ protocol integration expertise
  • Custom software and hardware development expertise of OT drivers, Interfaces, Tools and Applications and devices

  • Enterprise Software Expertise
  • IBM / SAP / Oracle / Siemens / SalesForce Enterprise application integration expertise
  • Cloud Integration Expertise with AWS, Azure, IBM, and Google
  • Asset Management and Condition Based Maintenance application Integration expertise
  • OSI Pi / eDNA historian expertise

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