Meter data acquisition application software (MDAS) for Industrial, Residential and Commercial establishments. Meter data acquisition system- MDAS app can be used to read meters and for consumption monitoring, energy analysis, and billing, thereby achieving energy-efficiency goals for utilities and enterprises using inbuild metering protocol drivers such as DLMS/COSEM, Modbus etc to read your meters directly over the internet without any additional networking and storage equipment in between. This cloud-based meter data reading software which is also available for on-premised deployment is highly scalable and secure to acquire data from meters in near real-time basis, organize data and serve it to internal and external applications for presentation and analysis in a systematic manner.

KALKI.IO Metering Headend enables cloud based or on-premise meter data acquisition headend for different types of energy meters including smart meters

Data acquisition service for scalable and secure meter reading infrastructure

Built-in support for DLMS/COSEM and also various industry standard metering protocols

REST API’s for integration with billing, energy data and meter data management applications


Power Utilities
  • Energy Accounting & Loss analysis
  • Enables Automated data collection and billing services
  • Lower Overall Cost Of Ownership For Meter Data Acquisition And Maintenance.
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Smart Cities & Townships
  • Monitor Consumer Revenue Meters To Enable Billing, Prepayment, Consumer Portal, Outage, And Tamper Notification.
  • Single system for sub-metering – water/gas/BTU
  • Centralized Tariff Management, Reporting For Regulatory Compliance
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Commercial & Industrial
  • Monitor Various Sections Of Your Buildings To Analyze The Energy Footprint, Avoid Wastage.
  • Monitor Power Quality To Minimize Equipment Damage And Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Integrate With Building Management Systems Or Energy Management Systems.
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Solar, DER & EV Charging
  • Automated data collection and billing system
  • Enables energy generation and consumption forecasting
  • Energy Accounting & Market settlement
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Solution Components


Meter Data Head End On Cloud For Reading Instantaneous / Load Profile / Billing Profile / Event Profile Data. Perform Remote Time Synchronization, Firmware Update, Connect / Disconnect, Load Limit Functions. Support Basic Validation, Estimation And Editing (VEE) And Simple REST Api’s For Integrating With Third Party Applications. Meter Data App Is Validated With Various Brands Of Meters Available In The Market.

Sync Substation Gateway/Modem Hardware

SYNC hardwares are substation ruggedized gateways for acquiring data from meters installed in substations or power system utility’s T&D network. Sync hardware boxes come pre-installed with Edge (KIOE) software and also available on lease for qualified customers

KALKI.IO Device Agent

Provides A standard methodology for establishing a secure connectivity from resource constrained devices like modems or communication modules of meters to KALKI.IO

Edge Gateway Software Edge software gateway supports all commonly used metering protocols such as Modbus, DLMS-COSEM, DNP3.0 etc. Built-in connectivity with Runs in any standard Linux OS based hardware. Validated in many commercial off the shelf edge gateway hardwares

Frequently Asked Questions

KALKI.IO Metering headend is a scalable data acquisition platform for reading energy meter consumption data and for billing systems, energy management systems, smart grid, and smart metering applications.

The platform has inbuilt support for various industry-standard open metering protocols like DLMS/ COSEM, Modbus, etc. In addition, the platform also provides protocol drivers for a set of meter specific protocol adaptors for legacy or non-standard meters.

KALKI.IO not only has meter data collection support but also other smart metering functions such as metrology configuration, bill settings such as billing cycle, time of use (TOU) tariff, connect/disconnect, load limiting which are required for smart metering.

KALKI.IO can be used to configure meters such as protocol settings, security settings, keys etc. Also capable of synchronizing meter time remotely and updating the meter firmware update over the air (OTA).

KALKI.IO protocol driver is flexible and adaptable for most of the use cases prevailing in the industry. It can be configured to collect data on a periodic basis by request (pull-based) or configured for listening to the data pushed by the meter or as both depending upon data. For periodic polling, there is a gap-fill poll algorithm built in the platform which identifies if the data gaps and requests for those data during idle time.

Yes, Data collected by KALKI.IO can be shared with on-premise or cloud-based applications over standard REST API interfaces.

KALKI.IO platform supports inbound connection from field meters, cellular modems or routers. Meters under each connection can be identified using IP address, meter serial number, consumer number, or any other parameters using device-specific interfaces adaptors built in the platform.

KALKI.IO can collect data from data concentrators as well. Kalkitech edge gateway software called SyncConnect can be used at the edge for data-concentration for collecting data from meters connected locally over various last-mile technologies and protocol and sharing the collected meter data with KALKI.IO on standard DLMS format. KALKI.IO can also be integrated with third-party data concentrators over REST/ Web-sockets/MQTT /JSON as well.

KALKI.IO has models for cloud-based deployment and on-premises deployment. You can choose the model suitable for your requirement. Contact for more details. which available as a subscription.


DS0140062 KALKI.IO Metering Headend System-Brochure v2.05.052021

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KALKI.IO Metering Headend / Meter data acquisition system is a cloud-based meter data acquisition software as a service packaged for Industrial, Residential and Commercial establishments supporting all advanced smart metering functions.

Kalki meter data acquisition system- MDAS app can be used to read meters and for consumption monitoring, energy analysis, and billing, thereby achieving energy-efficiency goals for utilities and enterprises What makes KALKI.IO meter data acquisition software different from other conventional smart metering solutions is that our system is compliant with DLMS/COSEM standard and can read your meters directly over the internet without any additional networking and storage equipment in between. This cloud-based meter data reading software of Kalki is highly competent to acquire data on a real-time basis, organize data and serve it to internal and external applications for presentation and analysis in a systematic manner.

Why Kalki Meter Data Pack?

KALKI.IO Meter Data Pack | MDAS app is the state-of-the-art, scalable cloud-based meter data acquisition software. With built-in DLMS/COSEM protocol on the cloud. KALKI.IO meter data pack enables data acquisition from meters and provides support for various industry-standard APIs (application programming interface) to integrate with energy data management, consumption analysis, billing system, or any other enterprise-level applications. Utilities can make use of the KALKI.IO metering pack for gathering data from consumer and grid meters and do the analysis using add-on applications. It also enables monitoring energy usage for consumption monitoring, billing, and improves grid reliability by detecting the outage and tampers. Kalki meter data acquisition systems support the tracking of energy flows in the energy supply chain and convey data for energy auditing.

Our IoT-based energy monitoring system is designed to optimize and streamline energy consumption thereby reducing the energy costs, predicting maintenance requirements, and improving utilization as well as reliability of energy assets. Energy savings can be effectively done through reliable data visibility, which drives proper decision-making and actions of energy-saving, thereby achieving better organizational objectives. The cloud-based meter reading application of Kalki meticulously gathers data related to the energy assets, which enable businesses to identify deviations and enhance their performance so as to ensure the most energy-efficient level of productivity. The well-managed and controlled operations systematized by our IoT power monitoring system not only acquires the energy data but will modernize your energy management giving the customer full control over their energy consumption through constant monitoring.

Major Advantages

Kalkitech energy IoT platform is a highly scalable IoT energy management solution that effectively monitors and manages your energy consumption in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Energy management and efficient consumption are significantly increasing as industries and companies expand in size and extend their operations. Proper tracking and monitoring of energy data in real-time supports powerful energy management, and that require an intellectual solution.

Right from the collection of data from energy meters to the generation of reports on various parameters of consumer points and grid sections the KALKI.IO meter data acquisition system automates and simplifies every process involved in energy data management. Kalki cloud-based meter data reading application not only handles data collection from energy meters on various communication networks but also capable of device management and configuration easily over the air. Additional aspects of our meter data pack include configuration of user-defined dashboards, sharing of data with multiple systems, generation of alarms and notifications based on the user-configurable conditions.

KALKI.IO meter data pack/MDAS app helps inaccurate billing, uses granular reports for proper planning, decision support, and assists in taking corrective measures to optimize energy utilization and efficiency. In addition, to supporting data exchange with an external application, the KALKI.IO meter data pack also facilitates basic Validation, Estimation, and Editing (VEE) using an add-on meter data management application in KALKI.IO.

Features of Kalki Meter Data Pack

  • Highly scalable system which can handle millions of energy meters
  • Inbuilt DLMS COSEM supporting templates for various types and models of meters
  • User-friendly configuration using Meter templates, MS Excel and REST APIs
  • REST-based interface to link with advanced meter data processing applications
  • Facilitates auto-discovery and meter registration for large deployments
  • Network and communication link agnostic
  • Allows secure data transportation via encrypted communication using TLS1.2 based transport layer security
  • Secured authentication in accordance with the DLMS protocol standard
  • Push or pull-based meter data collection for historical and instantaneous data
  • Advanced metering abilities including use cases like Time of use tariff, activity calendar and demand response
  • Remote programming of meteorology, billing, time protocol settings
  • Over the air update of the meter firmware
  • Automated filling of data gaps intelligently
  • Multi-region disaster recovery with incremental backup ensures the availability of data
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CS0150035_Grid Metering for Generation and Distribution using

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CS0150037 Solar Generation Plant Forecasting & Accounting using

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CS0150038 Energy Data Management (EDM) for distributed assets using

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