Remote Terminal Units

SYNC 2100 series of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are ideal for low voltage and medium voltage electrical networks for Utility Distribution and Medium Voltage Transmission Networks as well as industrial electrical networks.


SYNC 2100 series are compact RTUs with high performance attributes combining input/output capability, advanced logic programming support and wide range of communication protocols. SYNC 2100, with its modular design, enhanced security, EMI/EMC as well as environmental ruggedness, is suited for a wide range of applications like distribution network assets (RMUs, reclosers, sectionalizers, Distribution transformers, etc.), monitoring/control, substation assets monitoring/control and wind / solar remote monitoring.

SYNC 2100 devices are ideal for various Transmission and Distribution assets monitoring/control, distribution automation and substation monitoring applications. The stand-out features of these products include:

  • Modularity: The RTU is modular and can be customized for exact I/O monitoring requirements using DI / DO / AI modules for physical inputs/outputs.
  • Protocol and Engineering Support: The RTU supports a wide range of communication protocols including IEC 61850, DNP3.0, IEC 60870-101/104 and Modbus, as well as wireless communication interface options (GPRS/CDMA/3G/RF/Zigbee). IEC 61131-3 based logic programming helps in building advanced applications. Support for up to 2 Ethernet ports and 4 serial ports enables direct connection to meters, IEDs and other monitoring devices. This means that a single unit can perform multiple functions reducing the need for additional hardware, thus reducing capital costs.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: A single device also means minimal maintenance, replacement, and inventory costs.
  • Rugged: SYNC 2100 are rugged enough for substation use and comply with IEC 61850-3.
  • Time Synchronisation : The RTU provide improved latency support through time synchronization and millisecond time stamping resolution. This is important in Distribution Automation applications where millisecond differences could be critical in fault diagnosis and problem resolution.

Key Features

  • Enabled with smart grid protocols IEC 60870-101/104, DNP3.0, Modbus and IEC 61850
  • Stores upto 10,000 events
  • Multi-master communication capability (many-to-many protocol conversion capability)
  • Local/Remote communication over serial and Ethernet port
  • Automatic startup and initialization following power restoration
  • Time synchronization using IEC60870/DNP3/NTP/SNTP
  • Device management using SNMP/webserver
  • Time stamping resolution of 1 millisecond
  • Device and communication redundancy supported
  • Embedded web HMI

  • Communication security using IEC 62351
  • SSL based VPN with AES, DES or 3DES encryption over WAN/LAN
  • NERC-CIP security compliant

  • IEC 61850-3 compliant hardware
  • Remote configuration and software update/FOTA

  • Inbuilt and plug-in I/O support
  • Internal and external pluggable cellular modem (GPRS/EDGE/CDMA/UMTS)
  • External pluggable RF modem

Architecture Diagram


SYNC Application Development Kit

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Extended Software Subscription and Hardware Warranty

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Data Transmission from Wind Farm to Distribution Center

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Disturbance Data Collection Using SYNC 3000 and SYNC 4000

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220/400kV Substation Automation

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IEC 61850 Based Substation Automation for Power Plant

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CCP/TASE.2 Gateway using SYNC 3000

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ICCP to IEC 60870-5-104 Protocol Gateway using SYNC 3000

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Migrating to Distribution Automation

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Why Use of USBs are Not Worth the Potential Risks

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Data Transmission from Wind Farm to Distribution Center

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Fast and secure automatic retrieval of data from multi-vendor devices

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SYNC 2101: An RTU with built-in card having maximum of 20 DIs, 6 DOs and 4 AIs. It is ideal for asset monitoring of auto-reclosers, sectionalizers, capacitor banks and Fault Passage Indicators (FPI). SYNC 2101 has numerous variants for outdoor use (high IP based rugged enclosure) as well as features like SMS send on power outage, advanced logic support, etc.

SYNC 2101-M6: 8 DI (12/24VDC), 6 DO, 4 Unipolar AI, single Ethernet port and 3 serial ports
SYNC 2101-M7: 20 DI (12/24VDC), 6 DO, 4 Unipolar AI, single Ethernet port and 3 serial ports
SYNC 2101-M8: 14 DI (12/24VDC), 6DO, 4 Unipolar AI, 4 Bipolar AI, single Ethernet port and 3 serial ports

SYNC 2111: An RTU with add-on I/O card options, for up to 112 I/O points, of varying combinations of DI, DO and AI. The variants are best suited for applications with Ring Main Units (RMU), Compact substations, Distribution Transformers, and other assets having medium/ large I/O requirements. All models support a large number of substation protocols, and comply to high EMI/EMC standards. The SYNC 2111-M2 and M4 variants support a maximum of 4 I/O cards while the SYNC 2111-M3 and M5 variants support a maximum of 7 I/O cards, which can be any of the combinations of:

I/O Card Models

  • DI Card with 16 Digital Inputs
  • DO Card with 16 Digital Outputs
  • AI Card with 8 unipolar Analog Inputs
  • AI Card with 8 bipolar Analog Inputs
Base Product Models
SYNC 2111-M2: Single Ethernet port RTU with 4 I/O card slots, single Ethernet port and 4 serial ports
SYNC 2111-M3: Single Ethernet port RTU with 7 I/O card slots, single Ethernet port and 4 serial ports
SYNC 2111-M4: Dual Ethernet port RTU with 4 I/O card slots, dual Ethernet ports and 3 serial ports
SYNC 2111-M5: Dual Ethernet port RTU with 7 I/O card slots, dual Ethernet ports and 3 serial ports
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