Solutioning based on
Kalkitech IP

Kalkitech has over the years built significant IP in IoT / Cloud / Edge in Energy & Utilities. Kalkitech consulting team now brings these IP to our OEM customers for accelerating Go To Market. We customize, adapt and implement Kalkitech IP on OEM products and platforms.

Key Benefits

By using this IP model, it simplifies the design and enables a faster go to market for the customer. We can Enable customer for fast adaptation of IoT infrastructure.  A proven implementation always helps customer to get accurate information and aggregation and protocol conversion of field device data from many vendors. By using our product, we can Benchmark the performance and do resource optimization for Edge Devices. 

 Field devices use a wide variety of standards-based and proprietary communication protocols that increase the time and complexity for product vendors to develop technology to convert data. Our Strategy for containerized deployment will provide a robust but expandable solution for easy and flexible deployment. Once the data has been collected, it should ideally be aggregated and analysed in ways that facilitate decision making, and ultimately increase the reliability and efficiency.


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