Equipment / Device Manufactures
  • Improve Equipment/Device Reliability By Pro-Active Maintenance
  • Optimize Your Support And Maintenance Cost Using Remote Access And Management
  • Enhance Your Equipment To Leverage Iot Opportunities
Asset Owners
  • Centralized Monitoring Of Your Asset Securely To Ensure High ROI
  • Minimize Equipment Damage And Reduce Replacement Cost
  • Lower Overall Cost Of Ownership For Monitoring And Maintenance
System Integrators
  • Reduce Your Integration Cost With Plug And Communicate With Any Device Using
    Field Proven Protocol Adaptors
  • Seamless Sharing Of Data With Multiple Systems/ Iot Platforms


Data Collection
  • Real-Time And Historic Data Acquisition
  • Proven Interoperability With Sensors, Controllers, Measurement Devices And Protection Relays
Cloud Integration
  • KALKI.IO , Amazon AWS, Azure
  • Other Iot Platforms Over MQTT, OPC UA
Data Processing & Storage
  • Real Time Streaming And Data Processing
  • Store Data Periodically Or An Event Basis
  • Database Management Options
Device Management & Security
  • TLS 1.2 Based Communication Security
  • Secure Role-Based Access Control Using X.509 PKI
  • Remote Configuration And Settings

DS0140045_Kalki.io_Edge Software Brochure

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More Details

KALKI.IO Edge software is a multi-protocol gateway solution that enables utilities, residential, industrial, commercial and system integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to engineer solutions based on cloud and IIoT technologies and thereby improve efficiency, a better life for assets, and reduce the operational and maintenance cost. KALKI.IO Edge is an embedded software ideal for edge gateway vendors or system integrators simplifies and accelerates the acquisition, aggregation, and analysis of data from vendors’ field devices such as controllers, sensors, meters, PLCs, machines, protection relays, and other similar devices along with real-time protocol conversion and historical data exchange with external systems securely. The major highlight of the Edge software gateway is that it enables data acquisition and analysis in ways that facilitate quick decision making, and ultimately increase the efficiency of the field assets.


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