Certification & Compliance

Kalkitech Services team leverages their experience in developing interoperable communication interfaces to aid in getting your product certification. Kalkitech can engage with your R&D/ Technical team in the various product development phases to ensure that your product meets the standard compliances including.

  • ECommunication interface conformance
  • Compliance with security standards
  • Conformance to Hardware standards
  • Environmental tests (Temperature and Humidity tests)

Kalkitech offers precertification services for the protocols like IEC 62056(DLMS and its companion standards), IEC 61850, etc using standard and in-house developed tools and simulators. The in-house tools include Meter explorer, DLMS meter simulators, Functional evaluation tools for country-specific companions, IEC 61850 test suite, and a host of custom tools for specific test scenarios. The scope of this testing covers the functional and performance requirements of the products.  This precertification process guarantees a trouble-free conformance test with guaranteed results.

Kalkitech has a fully equipped environmental test lab where customers can perform Temperature and humidity tests for their products in development.

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