With extensive experience in utility communication protocols & product engineering services, the Kalkitech team delivers the best performance while incurring a minimum cost conforming to standards. Considering the cost, performance requirements, and features, we undertake comprehensive research and analysis to help companies overcome the challenges in delivering high-quality products to the marketplace. Being an extended utility product engineering company and IoT solutions company, we work closely with our clients from concept to release.
Utility product engineering has taken the world by storm over the last couple of decades. The boom in the market for utility engineering services and utility product engineering has resulted in a monumental growth of utility engineering companies all over the world. In such a scenario, we at Kalkitech have managed to carve a position at the top in the utility product engineering industry. We have also undertaken steps to ensure that there is no time gap between production and supply of utility engineering services to the end users, thereby bridging the scarcity gap. We also strive to provide functional, user-oriented and sustainable utility products for the future, keeping in mind the impact on environment and resources.

Why Kalkitech for Utility Product Engineering Services?

Kalkitech has a group of innovative and technically qualified talented professionals to take care of every kind of utility product engineering requirements of our customers. With our vast experiences in the automation industry, we offer cutting-edge solutions to build an effective utility product.
We offer extensive product engineering services to utilities and OEMs include the following:

  • Field data acquisition and integration.
  • Data & protocol simulation.
  • Field device integration.
  • Secure remote device monitoring.
  • Operations management.
  • Smart devices development.
  • Quality management applications.
  • Cloud, IIoT and analytics.

Equipped with a team of qualified and experienced engineers, we offer quality engineering services to assure that rigorous testing is performed at every stage of product development. The entire product life cycle involves our collaborative effort in consulting, engineering, manufacturing, life cycle extension management, etc. Our testing procedures comprise testing and validation, security, compliance of your products as per the industry standards. Our key focus areas include power & utilities billing & automation, and industrial automation. Being one of the top utility product engineering companies, our product design and engineering team provide state-of-the-art utility product engineering services to meet the needs and demands of our customers.