Life Cycle Extension

We help our customers focus on next-generation products and manage the life cycle of mature and declining products. We have acted as Engineering Sustenance teams of several of our customers to maintain and add enhancements to existing products.

For Mature Products
  • We, partner, to improve the bottom line for mature products.
  • We manage customization and market adaptation for new markets.
  • We support unit and regression testing and build automated test scripts to reduce cost and improve quality all help bottom line.
  • We manage product roadmap for customers.
  • We manage compliance and certification testing on behalf of our customer.
For Declining Products
  • We, partner, to improve revenue leakage and protect the bottom line.
  • We manage Turnkey Product Life Cycle Management.
  • We handle entire R&D / PM / EOL Management / Operations / After-Sales
  • We manage the Maintenance & Sustenance.


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