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Kalkitech pioneered Billing software in India with the first implementation in the year 2002. It later evolved into a Billing platform called Eltrix and is suitable for Power, (Generating station and at Load Dispatch), for Potable water and for Wastewater. Eltrix billing software has a pedigree of over 18 years and represents the latest in Software technology, Data Acquisition and Security. Eltrix – Billing, Accounting FDM/EDM module is typically applied for large plants that are governed by Complex PPA/WPA, thus requiring modelling of the plant. Data are collected from multiple sources like power, water, SCADA/DCS and Weather inputs. Eltrix Plant Settlement system and Fuel Demand Modelling (FDM) / Energy Demand Model (EDM) software helps utilities manage their commercial contract by automatically generating invoices and related reconciliation reports. These invoices and reports takes into account commercial aspects like the tariff agreement, regulations, contract performance guarantees, etc. and technical aspects like plant performance, fuel efficiency and other operating conditions like load, ambient, fuel, etc. Eltrix Plant Settlement system and FDM/ EDM software virtualises the plant and its operating environment using advance thermodynamic plant model and neural network. It utilizes information from the plant’s data acquisition system – Distributed Control System/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (DCS / SCADA) and tariff meters to generate monthly invoice for Energy/Water Output. The system provides the user with an effective tool to maintain energy data in a computerized environment by automating the work flow. The productivity improves substantially with invoices being generated in time, accurately and seamlessly.


Eltrix can be an integrated solution for aggregating the meter data and the corresponding billing solutions. The Advanced metering solution consists of Kalki.io Head End Application and DCUs based on Kalki.io Edge software support open standard protocols such as DLMS/COSEM for Energy Meters, Mbus for Water, and BTU meters. Where a third-party Meter Data Acquisition (MDA) already exists, Eltrix Billing software can take data from MDA on any format viz. OPC, Flat file, ODBC, IEC protocol, MODBUS, DLMS/COSEM, DNP, etc.

The billing system is implemented based on the Master Utilities Concession Agreement and integration of metering data from meters, the SCADA server, network service provider. The advanced metering system provides an interface to exchange meter data to any 3rd party system.

In Generation Stations, Eltrix – Billing module helps the operator in Managing the ABT (Availability Based Tariff) by managing the Schedule and Minimising the DSM (Deviation Settlement Mechanism) Charge. It also generates invoices to reconcile the DSM Charges from the SLDC (State Load Dispatch Centre).



Eltrix Billing & Settlement Platform

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Solution Brief Settlement System

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