ELTRIX Plant Performance Management

Eltrix Plant Performance Management (PPM) software provides power plant operators with real-time plant performance and breaks down causes for performance deterioration and improvement suggestions.


ELTRIX Plant Performance Management (PPM) software module enables power plant operators to understand the plant performance. Eltrix software breaks down the causes of Heat Rate deviation into Operating condition (load, cooling water temp, etc) and Equipment Degradation (turbines, condenser, heater).

Eltrix uses state of the art AI tools like neural network and advance thermodynamic model and segregates the cause of Heat Rate deviation into two buckets viz. equipment degradation and operating condition deviation. It analyses the boiler, turbine, condenser, heater, and pumps according to ASME/PTC equations and displays the heat rate deviation online and offline. It takes data from plant DCS through OPC for the calculation.


Eltrix analyses the gap in heat rate by segregating it into two buckets viz. equipment degradation and operating condition deviation.The benefits of separating the Heat Rate (HR) deviation into the two buckets are:

  • We can identify if the HR deviation is due to the plant degradation or due to the operating condition.This segregation helps in understanding how much Heat rate is recoverable and hence guides the CAPEX and OPEX allocation.
  • Equipment degradation often requires capital investment and overhaul. Knowing degradation value accurately, without its influence on operating condition, can help time overhaul correctly and calculate the returns from the overhaul.
  • Heat Rate impact due to Operating condition deviation can never be avoided. But the same can be minimised by grouping them into non-controllable deviation(load, CW temperature, etc.) and controllable deviation (MS and RH temperature/pressure, spray and blowdown). Once the controllabledeviation is baselined, it can be optimized either manually or using Eltrix advance optimization package, implemented separately.
  • ┬áIn a cycling environment, when the operating condition can differ every day, season and year, the separation helps the utility comparesimilar units or compare past readings to develop best practices.
  • Create hourly dashboards and uncover hidden details of plant behaviour.

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