New Product Development

We help our customers with ideation, design, development, testing, and, life cycle support for new product development. Our strong Industry and Technical domain expertise with world-class processes and years of experience in working with complex products enable us to offer the right support for product development. With over 20+ years of experience and have developed/integrated 100+ protocols, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers in their product R&D.

Works as an Extended R&D team for OEMS in New Product Development, be it hardware, software, cloud or mobile applications

  • Ideation consulting
  • Design and prototype consulting
  • Design, development and product launch
  • Life cycle support including
    • Enhancing product functionality
    • Adding new features/functionality
    • Adding a new communication interface

Key advantages

  • Reduced time to market
  • Implement products within budget
  • Standards compliance and certification support
  • Interoperability
  • Life cycle support


Edge Applications Cloud and Data Center Applications
  • Edge IoT Hardware development
  • Edge IoT Firmware and Application development
  • Hardware and software for Sensors and Controllers
  • Security Hardening Edge devices
  • Test Jigs for automated production testing
  • Substation Automation Hardware, Firmware, and Applications
  • Docker container implementation for edge devices
  • SCADA communication adapters
  • Building Automation Protocol Gateways
  • Protocol test tools
  • Protocol Certification Software
  • Automated test environment for Smart Metering / Distribution Automation
  • Meter hardware, firmware, and cloud enablement
  • Engineering Software Tools
  • Disturbance data collection and monitoring tools
  • Device data simulators and Head End System scalability testing
  • IoT Cloud Applications for Smart Metering
  • Cloud deployed application modules
  • Head-End Application servers
  • Meter data management modules

  • IEC 61850 process bus and Station bus
  • IEC 60870 , Modbus & DNP3
  • Industrial and IoT protocolsoCustom/ Legacyprotocols
  • AMI/AMRProtocols
  • MDAS Adapters
  • IOT Adapters
  • OPC UA, MQTT, and cloud adapters
  • Edge Analytics
  • AWS and Azure Edge Stack
    • Greengrass
    • IoT Edge


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