Metering Headend

Meter data acquisition system for Electric, Gas and Water meter reading for Industrial, Residential, and Commercial applications.


DER Headend

Data hub to enable Remote Monitoring, Control, and Analysis for utility-scale Distributed Energy Resources like Solar, Wind, Storage, and Microgrids

Telemtery Headend

Data headend to collect telemetry data from field devices and OT systems such as SCADA /Historian

IoT Headend

Unified data headend for your IoT sensors & applications

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    Data Silos

OT field devices from any manufacturer communicable on any protocol Data hub is a centralized data acquisition, device management, and remote access software available as hosted subscription service or licenses deployable on cloud or on-premise servers for utilities Edge software (KIOE) can be deployed on commercial off the shelf hardware with data acquisition and sharing functionality using 100+ protocols, along with device management and field device remote access

  • IBM Azure Oracle AWS


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  • meter meter

Integrates with any data center application or IoT platforms or legacy OT systems SCADA/HMI or historian system

Industry Verticals

Smart Grid
Smart Cities
Oil And Gas
Renewables & Storage
Electrical Vehicle Charging
Manufacturing Industries
Process Industries
Building Automation

Our customers

KALKI.IO is a data acquisition middlware platform available as service or deployable on clour or on-premise servers enables acquisition of field data for enhancing business intelligence, operational efficiency and improve system-wide visibility for industries, business, and utilities.

By aggregating data from various devices or software at the field or at various levels in OT and IT systems regardless of communication protocol or the interfaces exposed, the Kalki IoT-based energy monitoring system manages the energy flow in a very effective way. Developed by Kalki, this IoT platform for energy monitoring and controlling is specifically meant for taking full control over the devices and systems, handling the data at a fundamental & granular level.

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