KALKI.IO Metering headend for power, water and gas utilities is a cloud-based or on-premise meter data acquisition service for power transmission and distribution utilities to collect meter data from consumer meters, boundary meters, feeder meters, and distribution transformer meters. Meter data hence collected can be used to enable consumer billing, availability-based meter tariff (ABT) or TOU-based meter tariff management, demand response, and other smart metering applications.


KALKI.IO Metering Headend is a meter reading system for power, water and gas utilities to enable consumer billing and tariff management, accounting and many other smart metering functions

Solution Components


Meter Data Head End deployed on Cloud or on-prem for reading meter data such as load profile / billing / or event data. Also can support smart metering functions such as remote time synchronization, firmware update, connect / disconnect, load limiting etc. Metering headend available in KALKI.IO is proven interfaces with various brands of meters available in the market.

Sync Substation Gateway

SYNC Gateways are substation ruggedized hardware for communicating with devices installed in substations or power utility’s T&D network. Sync hardware boxes and OEM modules come pre-installed with SyncConnect. Sync hardware boxes are also available on lease for qualified customers.


Is available as application stack or specification which can be implemented on the meters, or communication interface cards which helps to create a secure connectivity from field to the headend. This can be used if meters, interface card which need to connect to KALKI.IO over any WAN network.


Kalki.io-Metering headend Brochure

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