Kalkitech October 16, 2018

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October 16, 2018 – Kalkitech, a market leader in products and services that simplify field data collection, protocol translation, and IT-OT transformation for utilities, announced it will be participating in IEC 61850 Global 2018 this week. In a Live Demo Lab, the company will showcase its IEC 61850 protocol tools, the ASE 61850 Suite, and the SYNC 3000, a substation DCU which supports NERC-CIP compliance and a wide range of industry standard protocols (including IEC 61850) as well as proprietary protocols. The ASE 61850 Suite is a trio of prodcuts for accelerating and simplifying IEC 61850 rollouts and operations; it includes the ASE Client Test Set, ASE 61850 Server Test Set and ASE 61850 SCL Manager.

The event is being held in Berlin, Germany October 16-18 and is expected to host over 150 IEC 61850 experts and implementation leaders from around the world. The agenda includes technical presentations, technology innovation panels, roundtable discussions, as well as the Live Demo Lab.

Kalkitech will also be hosting a stand (#21) where attendees can stop by to discuss and explore our broad range of industry leading solutions which include IEC 61850 products and services for utilities, consultants and partners.

About Kalkitech
Kalkitech is a global leader in development and delivery of vendor agnostic products and services that securely bridge the data communications gap between legacy and intelligent power utility field devices and head-end systems. By transforming and accelerating accessibility to real-time data and analytics, our solutions help utilities improve system reliability and operational efficiencies while extending the life of legacy SCADA systems.

For more information about Kalkitech products and services, visit our website at www.kalkitech.com. Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn; check out our videos on YouTube to learn more.

Media Contact
Denise Barton
Head of Global Marketing
+1(408) 364-0500

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