Kalkitech March 8, 2018

Product Offering Complies with IS 16444 and IS 15959 Part 2

Bangalore, India – March 8, 2018 – Kalkitech, a market leader in products and services that simplify field data collection, protocol translation, and IoT convergence for utilities, announced that Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is using the company’s SyncNet solution to enhance its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter product line. The AMI solution includes Kalkitech’s SyncNet RF mesh communications network and Kalki.io energy IoT platform with meter data acquisition and meter data management applications. The combined L&T and Kalkitech offering provides India-based utilities with a scalable, secure, standards-based solution that includes smart meters, wireless smart meter communications, and head-end meter management applications.

L&T is a diverse technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services conglomerate, with global operations. In the power sector, they are a market leader, offering products and services to utilities for power generation, transmission and distribution. They integrated Kalkitech’s SyncNet for enabling IS 15959 Part 2-based data communication over an IPv6 mesh. With SyncNet, a small RF module is integrated into each meter that communicates to SyncNet field area routers, which connect to the utility’s data center. L&T smart meters with Kalkitech SyncNet modules and gateway comply to the Indian Smart Meter standards – IS 16444 and IS 15959 Part 2.  

For utilities that require a head end meter management solution, Kalki.io is an extensible platform that includes basic AMI applications such as Meter Data Acquisition Software (MDAS), Meter Data Management (MDM) and Peak Load Management (PLM). It includes well documented interfaces enabling utilities and third parties to develop additional applications that utilize AMI and other grid data intelligence to facilitate decision making.

“Kalkitech is one of our communication partners for our Smart Metering programme. Integration with Kalkitech’s SyncNet has helped us in achieving conformance to IS 16444 for our smart meters. The combination of our proven metering technology and Kalkitech’s expertise in IS 15959 standardization and IPv6 6LoWPAN communication technologies has resulted in a robust AMI solution that addresses specific requirements for Indian utilities such as outage and tamper reporting.”  said Mr. S. C. Bhargava, Senior Vice President, L&T Electrical & Automation.

Kalkitech’s SyncNet is a sub-GHz RF mesh communications network operating at 865-868 MHz, which is designed to accelerate the ability of vendors to connect last mile smart grid devices (meters, distribution automation, transformers, switches, etc.) to a standards-based wireless network.  It can be rapidly scaled across a diverse service territory, allowing utilities to quickly and economically expand their smart field device deployment using a standards-based platform designed specifically to address the unique challenges in the Indian power market. Kalkitech is dedicated to working closely with partnering vendors to ensure the successful integration and compliance certification of the combined products.

Kalki.io is a robust and extensible IoT platform designed from the ground up specifically for utilities to securely store and provide access to field data enabling deep analytics. Kalkitech’s support for open standards and its leadership in IS 15959 standardization provides a comprehensive ecosystem of standard based smart grid solutions for customers. Utilities that select to deploy Kalki.io along with SyncNet, benefit from improved operational efficiency, greater grid reliability, reduced outage restoration time, reduced power thefts, and the ability to empower their customers in managing their own energy consumption. 

“We are excited to partner with an energy meter market leader such as L&T to offer a standards-based smart metering solution that addresses the specific needs of Indian Utilities,” said Prasanth Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Kalkitech. “Our ongoing technology leadership and support for open industry standards provides customers with a comprehensive ecosystem of standard based solutions.”

Kalkitech will be showcasing its solutions in stall #H2M23 at the upcoming Elecrama 2018 event (March10-14th) in Greater Noida, NCR, India.

About Kalkitech
Kalkitech is a global leader in development and delivery of vendor agnostic products and services that securely bridge the data communications gap between legacy and intelligent power utility field devices and head-end systems.  By transforming and accelerating accessibility to real-time data and analytics, our solutions help utilities improve system reliability and operational efficiencies while extending the life of legacy SCADA & AMI systems.

For more information about Kalkitech products and services, visit our website at www.kalkitech.com.  Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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