DLMS Meter Simulator on AWS

Kalkitech October 2, 2021

Kalkitech, a leading OT Real-time, and Operation Data Acquisition provider for the global energy industry, announces the availability of its DLMS COSEM Million Smart Meter Simulator on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The DLMS COSEM or IEC 62056 is the Global Smart Meter Standard outside of the United States. Kalkitech is the leading provider of ANSI C Protocol Stack, Protocol Testing Tools, and Metering Head end for DLMS COSEM Protocols. Kalkitech already has its Cloud Metering Head end on AWS Market Place.

The Million Meter Simulator will use AWS EC2 Instances, AWS VPN, and AppStream to deploy a simulation environment on AWS for qualification testing during pre-bid, pre-deployment validation, post-deployment verification, and simulation of Smart Meter deployments for Utilities. OEM’s and System Integrators can use this solution to validate their technology, product, and deployment scenarios. SIs and OEMs can sign up and use the simulator as needed with no concerns around the cost and overhead of deploying maintaining on-premises servers. They can simulate up to 1 million meters in an AWS VPC environment. The Simulator can also be configured to use the open internet using AWS Elastic IPs for a lesser number of meters.

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E4S Alliance Expands Grid Digitalization Ecosystem

November 23, 2022

24th Nov 2022: Today, ABB, E-REDES, Kalkitech and VMware are joining the Edge for Smart Secondary Substations (E4S) Alliance, created to develop a standard, flexible, manageable and interoperable platform for…

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Utility Telemetry Front End on AWS using Kalki.io Data Hub

May 17, 2022

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Kalki.IO Edge Gateway Software Support AWS Greengrass

October 7, 2021

Kalkitech, a leading OT real-time and operation data acquisition provider for the global energy industry, integrates Kalki.io Edge utility protocol gateway with AWS (Amazon Web services) IoT Greengrass. This immediately…

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