KALKI.IO Smarty City solution is a cloud-based meter data acquisition software and B2B billing service for smart city applications supporting all advanced smartmetering functions. Kalki application help storead meters data from multiple types of meters whether its electricity meter, water meter, waste-water,Gas meter and BTU and provide the data to Eltrix component for B2B billing .This cloud-based meter data reading software of Kalki is highly competent to acquire data on a real-time basis, organize data and serve it to internal and external applications for presentation and analysis in a systematic manner.

KALKI.IO Smart city solution provides advanced Metering & B2B Billing solution for Smart cities Energy, Water, Gas, Wastewater and BTU Meters

Scalable & secure data acquisition & B2B billing service for smart city metering infrastructure

Built - in support for DLMS/COSEM, Mbus, Modbus and also various other metering protocol

REST API’s for integration with an external system such as meter data management applications

Solution Components


Meter Data Head End on Cloud for reading meter data such as load profile / billing / or event data. Also can support smart metering functions such as remote time synchronization, firmware update, connect / disconnect, load limiting etc. Metering headend available in KALKI.IO is proven interfaces with various brands of meters available in the market.

Edge Gateway Software

Supports commonly used metering protocols like Modbus, DLMS-COSEM, DNP3.0, Mbus etc used where meter data need to be collected at the field concentrate it and send to the headend server. Built-in connectivity with kalki.io. Deployable on any standard Linux hardware platform.

KALKI.IO Device Agent

Is available as application stack or specification which can be implemented on the meters, or communication interface cards which helps to create a secure connectivity from field to the central KALKI.IO platform. This can be used if meters, interface card which need to connect to KALKI.IO over any WAN network.

Eltrix B2B Billing system

is a comprehensive b2b billing platform that has a proven track record of working on large power and water system. B2B billing model available in Eltrix calculates various components of the charges according to the applicable tariff rules specified in the Master Utilities Concession Agreement. The settlement System module in eltrix generates the monthly invoices based on the Master Utilities Concession Agreement.


DS0140062 KALKI.IO Metering Headend System-Brochure v2.04.032021

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Acquiring and Processing Data at the Edge of the Energy Grid

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