KALKI.IO Edge and Cloud-based software along with Intel data management middleware can be used as an IOT based solution to digitize Low Voltage (LV) Substation. KALKI.IO platform enables data collection along with a centralized substation asset performance management system. The scalable IoT solution to extend the monitoring to the LV side to address the problems and stay ahead of the curve with the increasing penetration of Rooftop solar and the advent of EVs onto the LV grid. Regulators and consumers are demanding reduction of outages as well as faster restoration demands monitoring and faster identification of issues on the LV network side. Digitizing a low voltage grid also helps in managing distributed energy resources, improving the asset performance, manage asset lifecycle, analysis of power system efficiency, and many more use cases.

Edge & Cloud based solution for Medium voltage and Low Voltage electrical grid monitoring & Substation Asset Management

Secure and scalable LV Substation data Monitoring secure and scalable

Integrate Sensors/ Meters/ Controllers from multiple makes.

Use ML/ AI techniques for LV substation data analysis

Share date with IoT platforms for centralized monitoring and management

Manage distributed resources effectively with system wide co-ordination


Direct Benefits
  • Improve Network reliability by monitoring network metrics – SAIDI, SAIFI, MTTR
  • Improve Power quality by stabilizing voltage profile, reduce harmonics, reactive power reduction
  • Improve asset performance management by regular monitoring of health and operational conditions
Indirect Benefits
  • Increase Revenue by supplying power continuously without any interruption
  • Reduce working capital by accurate identification of the faults and asset performance monitoring helps optimize truck roll and operational cost
  • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing outage and supply reliable power

Solution Components

Cloud Application

KALKI.IO application provides remote monitoring, management, and maintenance of LV substation assets. KALKI.IO provides feature rich dashboard, reports to show near real-time network values, harmonics, transformer loading history, asset health indications and showcase the network performance metrics like SAIFI, SAIDI, MTTR for benchmarking the performance improvement.

Edge Software

Kalki.io Edge (KIOE) supports all common communication protocols like Modbus, DLMS-COSEM, MQTT, DNP3.0, OPC UA, IEC60870 etc to take data from fault sensors, transducers, PQ & energy meters, IEDs and share it with edge applications or with IoT platforms for advanced analytics and data processing. The software can be deployed on standard Intel-based Linux hardware.

Edge Hardware

IoT Edge gateways used for LV substation monitoring hardware is powered by Intel Atom E3800 series SOC designed specifically for intelligent systems suitable for Industrial Extended temperature environment. SOCs are based on the Silvermont microarchitecture, utilizing Intel Industry-leading 22nm process technology with 3-D trigate transistors, which deliver significant improvement in computation performance and energy efficiency.

Sync Substation Gateway/Modern Hardware

SYNC hardware is substation ruggedized gateways suitable for acquiring data from meters, transducers installed in secondary substations /LV substations. SYNC hardware boxes come with pre-installed Kalki.io Edge software and also available on lease for qualified customers.


DS0140064 KALKI.IO LV Substation Monitoring Brochure v2.02.032021

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DS0140065 IoT Edge Gateway for LV Substation Evaluation Kit 5.03.032021

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How to Secure Distributed Assets

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Edge Analytics for LV Substation

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