Kalki.io Data Hub, a SaaS Platform for DER Aggregation in Australia & New Zealand

Kalkitech February 20, 2024

Kalki.io DER Aggregator is available now in Australia & New Zealand!

Australia – Feb 20, 2024 – Kalkitech, a leading provider of distributed energy resources (DER) Integration solutions, today announced the release of Kalki.io DER Aggregator, a new SaaS platform dedicated for DER orchestration in Australia and New Zealand designed to help electricity retailers, aggregators, Distribution System Operators (DSO) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to manage and optimize their DER portfolios.

Kalki.io DER Aggregator is a device data integration Software as a Service built on Kalki.io Data Hub middleware that can help unlock the full potential of distributed energy by enabling seamless exchange of data between DER devices and enterprise applications. With its flexible and scalable platform, Kalki.io DER Aggregator is poised to play a key role as a data integration layer in building solutions to stabilize the grid and enable optimum market participation for DER assets while Australia and New Zealand accelerate its transition to a cleaner and sustainable energy future in Australia and New Zealand. Kalki.io DER Aggregator includes interfaces with field devices on various communication protocols such as IEEE2030.5 CSIP AUS server Modbus, SunSpec Modbus, MQTT, OPC UA and REST APIs ensuring smooth interoperability with any compatible DER devices. For integrations of aggregated data with backend applications such as DERMS/ VPP, Kalki.io offers IEEE2030.5 CSIP AUS client interface as well as data streaming interface on our ready-to-use publish connectors such as Kafka, AWS Kinesis/S3, Azure EventHub, REST-APIs.

For applications that require processing at the edge such as BESS sites, Microgrid, C&I DER sites with multiple inverters, Energy Management for EV charging stations,  Kalki.io DER Aggregator SaaS is packaged with Kalki.io Edge software gateway that can be deployed on hardware of your choice at the DER site provide site level data aggregation on its native protocols like SunSpec, DNP3.0, OCPP, Modbus, OPC UA, DLMS etc and connect the site to Kalki.io DER Aggregator SaaS.

Kalki.io DER Aggregator provides benefit for multiple stakeholders.

For Retailers and Aggregators:

  • Grow their VPP fleets: Leverage a wide range of integrations with major smart device brands and products to support customer choice and options for VPP optimization.
  • Reduce the cost and time to integrate: Utilize out-of-the-box connectors for integration using well defined canonical models.
  • Monetize their DER assets: Kalki.io DER Aggregator helps organizations unlock the value of their DER assets by providing them with the tools they need to dispatch DER assets for wholesale markets, for ancillary services, energy arbitrage, and off-market opportunities.
  • Increase customer reach: Offer customers a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) pathway with no additional hardware or onsite services required.

For Distribution System Operators (DSOs):

  • Improved DER visibility: Gain real-time insights into, capacity, DER generation output, and status of DERs connected to the grid.
  • Increased DER control: Manage the behavior of DERs to maintain grid stability and meet demand requirements.
  • Easy DER registration: Streamline the registration process for new DERs using NMI.
  • Enhanced existing systems: Integrate Kalki.io DER Aggregator with existing ADMS or DERMS platforms to unlock new capabilities.
  • Manage Dynamic Operating Envelopes: Control the export limits to overcome constraints in the network.
  • Ready to use IEEE2030.5 CSIP AUS Server can be subscribed for staging, testing and production instances.
  • Pay as you go model enables you to start small, take up DER device onboarding and quickly scale to production rollout 
  • Option to migrate from multi-tenant SaaS to your AWS or Azure tenancy.

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs):

  • Standardized interoperability solution: Faster integration of your devices to retailers or DSOs across the AUS/NZ region through a single integration with Kalki.io DER Aggregator through the OEM cloud portal or directly from the device.
  • Pre-tested Interfaces to Utility servers: Kalki.io offers standard connectors with IEEE2030.5 CSIP AUS to DSO servers enabling seamless integration with multiple state DSOs with a single interface between the OEM cloud portal to Kalki.io.
  • Reduce time to market: Kalki.io enables faster certification of the DER devices to DSO systems for flexible export/dynamic operating envelop regulatory requirements.
  • Lower total cost of ownership with pay as you go model  and special packages for OEM subscription for initial integration, development and testing.
  • Explore new revenue streams: Access new revenue opportunities for customers using your products by enabling market participation.

This innovative SaaS platform provides a set of comprehensive suite of tools and applications for integrating and managing DERs at scale. Kalki.io DER Aggregator can be deployed on your cloud tenancy or on your on-premise server.

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