Kalki.io Product Release Update-May 2023

Kalkitech May 17, 2023

Data Hub

DER Data Hub

Meter Data Acquisition Headend (MDAS)

  • Selective Access By entry support for event profile besides billing and load profile which is already available.
  • Meter Ping support.
  • Harmonizing meter Communication status update for different network scenarios- Meters directly connected over polling, Meter connected through DCU over polling, Meters pushing data directly, DCU pushing meter status.
  • View option for schedule summary in schedule configuration page.


External Connectors

  • Kafka Producer connector to exchange data with external systems.
  • Added OPC UA client connector.
  • Added REST based interface for Inverter Management System.
  • IEEE2030.5 aggregator & server as connector.

Internal connectors

  • Function for Epoch to XSD format time zone format conversion in data transformation connector.
  • Performance improvement in collator connector.

Telemetry Headend

  • Added OPC UA client as a generic service for device data collection.
  • Performance improvement to collect per device data from edge devices.


  • Added user defined Identification for device.
  • Added option to route data from SYNC/KIOE/VGA device to external connector e.g.: Azure/AWS.
  • Added time format display in reports and data display screen.
  • Added capability to rout event data separately.
  • Add support for sustained alarm confirmation for device /communication outage alarm notification.


  • Added simple Data Table as generic widget.
  • Added dial as generic widget.
  • Subscription for Kalki.io private deployments.
  • Adde User defined properties in the email notification.
  • Rate limit on data source calls.

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Kalki.io Edge


  • Data logging - Added data logging as a configuration option in Kalki.io edge framework which will enable user to store/log data on periodic interval or on event basis.
  • Log data can be published to Cloud/Data Hub/IoT platforms - Kalki.io data hub, AWS, Azure

2030.5 Aggregator /Client

  • Auto discovery of DER ID allows user not to configure the DER Id at the edge.
  • Handling device certificate having intermediate certificate chain.
  • Support for posting Metering data as MMR (mirror meter reading) List
  • Support for adding multiple MUPs for an End Device/Node
  • Option to configure the maximum pipelined requests (Concurrent Enabled)


  • Excel import of tags for OPC UA client helps in saving the configuring time significantly.
  • Auto-mapping OPC UA tags to other telemetry protocols


  • Command support in MQTT publisher node which allows gateway to receivecontrol commands from OT system such as SCADA/DERMS on telemetry protocols and publish it to field devices over MQTT.
  • Auto-mapping of MQTT tags to telemetry protocols
  • Option to group multiple tags in a publish message to optimize the data transfer.
  • Option to group multiple tags in a publish message to publish related tags such as events in a single push
  • Option to limit the message size and throttlethe message as per limits in the broker while publishing.

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