Kalki.io Product Release Update-Nov 2022

Kalkitech November 15, 2022

Data Hub

Meter Data Acquisition Headend (MDAS)

  • Meter firmware update enhancements to improve performance and additional options for retry configuration
  • Added enhanced statistics for MDAS communication diagnostics
  • Data availability trend for company-level view for company administrators required for large metering deployments
  • Data compression for metering data
  • The meter commands API has been enhanced to support meter push configuration and key changes
  • Added selective access by entry-based polling for Billing profile, besides the load profile that is already available
  • Performance improvement for bulk commands like connect /disconnect
  • Bulk import capability added for meter on-boarding
  • Meter was removed from the main landing page of devices and meter-related functions to be accessed by navigating to Energy Meters under Devices or Device Templates


  • Connector names and descriptions revised to be more self-explanatory 
  • Added AWS S3-based connector for non-streaming data feed requirement
  • REST API connector updates to support the configuration of call-back APIs from the external system
  • HTTPS connector updates
    • Ease of configuring HTTPS posts to external URLs
    • Added header support
    • Added retry logic
  • Added Data Extractor connector to support scheduled extracts of data
  • IEC61968/61970 CIM connector is added to map data extracts to IEC CIM format
  • Added SEDM RMS connector for data extracts to support SEDM RMS capabilities
  • Added collator connector to collate messages based on a time window
  • Added support for based routing connector
  • Commands support added in meter data connector

Telemetry Headend

  • Push interval configuration is added for telemetry data
  • Added option to enable/disable Commands for telemetry devices
  • Included multiple protocol filters and channel name wild card selection in Device Group Channel Healthiness Widget
  • Added Device Group level widget for Edge Device Communication Alarms and events


  • Postgres 14 minor upgrade included to avoid silent corruption of indexes
  • Added notification on object sharing to shared users

Kalki.io Edge


  • Generic package for all ARM -hf hardware
  • IP-based filtering /whitelisting in firewall settings.
  • Added support for OPCUA Server
  • Added IoT Edge Module as a standard package

Azure IoT Edge Module

  • Direct method support for Commands
  • Support for IoTEdge runtime versions 1.3 and 1.4
  • SDK update to version lts_07_2022
  • Azure Device - Trusted certificate support - Digi Cert Global Root G2 added.

IEEE 2030.5 Client

  • Optimized WAN bandwidth usage using Gzip compression.
  • Option to disable polling for logEventList to optimize WAN communication bandwidth.
  • Triggering MUP poll and post when MMR posting fails with 404 error code.
  • IEEE1547.1 test case specific
    • Added generic function set for ride-through curves to map common enable and active curve index to support mapping from SunSpec Modbus 700 series model.
    • Option to map modes Enabled and modes Supported in addition to user defined static configuration.
    • Option to statically configure Active Power Rating in the DER configuration.
    • User-defined static configuration for controls.
  • Support for Transfer Encoding – Chunked.

SunSpec Modbus Master

  • Automapping for CtrlModes in DERCapability, Model 702.
  • Added Master to master mapping option for mapping commands from local controllers/microgrid to DER device.
  • Continuous reading support for scale factors to detect online changes
  • Fixed a memory leak when commands are executed.

OPC UA Server

  • Data Model support
    • User-defined data model support using node XML set file
    • The system-defined data model (auto-generated).
  • Added online and offline options to select and trust client application instance certificates.
  • Automapping to support bulk tag configuration

OPC UA Client

  • Added Online and offline options to select and trust server application instance certificates

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