How Utilities Can Accelerate Business Agility with Data Hub

Kalkitech August 18, 2021

Utility industries can leverage data hubs to improve value-added services to consumers. Cloud-based data monitoring and control systems will enable swift response and agile corrective measures. Customers would be satisfied with the agile services, which will, in turn, increase the customer base for the business.

Interoperable with multiple generations of devices communicable on different protocols

State-of-the-art data hub technology can integrate and communicate with different protocols seamlessly. Such a technical setup also aids in interactive capabilities and makes the system scalable and backward and forward compatible with devices of any generations

Eliminate data silos

A centralized data hub eliminates the requirement of a data storage system for specific applications. This facilitates ease of data handling and improved efficiency of the entire ecosystem. Unlimited data can be managed by the entity uniformly for multiple application requirements.

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Improve operational efficiency 

High operational efficiency is another aspect that drives utility companies towards data hubs. With improved efficiency, the system will operate around the clock with very minimal technical glitches. The entity can focus on the core business with excellent performance. 


Distributed cloud-based data hub software built using micro-services ensure linear scalability just by adding hardware resources without compromising on the performance.

Infrastructure agnostics  

Data hubs shall be flexible enough to be able to deploy on utility on-premise server infrastructure as the private deployment of cloud infrastructure on as public deployment or on the hybrid environment to ensure it fits various regulatory and security compliances required for each utility /geography. 

Threat Detection 

Organizations in the utility sector need to be agile in the case of any imminent security threat. A detailed threat probability database would make the threat identification process quick and efficient. Thereby, the technicians can initiate corrective measures before time and avert the damage or defect.

System security 

Prevent unauthorized intrusions into the systems by using a data hub. Meticulous security measures in the data hub would preclude the attempts of miscreants and unauthorized individuals to gain entry. Such an enhanced secured system will ensure a safe and reliable system.

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Management and Authorization of Access 

The individuals in the utility firm can be segregated based on their authority. Accordingly, the entry could be restricted to the stipulated controls. For example, a controller will have access only to control the production, distribution, switching over, etc. A maintainer can be approved to enter into the maintenance domain where his or her action is required and so on. Only the responsible members in the management and engineering departments would have complete access and control.

Smart Systems 

The future-centric systems are the need of the hour. Datahub Would be the best way to obtain optimal output without toiling day and night. The world is experimenting with new methods for smart working, rather than hard working. Smart systems would be cost-effective, more productive than traditional systems, and will augment the growth prospects of the entity.

Plugin any value-added applications to the data hub to extract the most value out 

Technology is transforming rapidly. The systems and methodologies we use may turn obsolete in the coming years. Innovative digital applications and technologies can be added as and when required and make use of the data collected uniformly depending on the requirements.

The Observations

Utilities can accelerate business agility, and thereby business growth, with a data hub. We can provide you with reliable cloud-based systems for remote operation and control of the utility sector. Having in-depth knowledge and immense experience in technology, we offer innovatively designed cloud-based systems.

Our team will custom-tailor the systems according to your needs and requirements. So that you can have the best outcome with the technology. A trouble-free data hub will offer you seamless connectivity, improved efficiency, high productivity, with low maintenance costs. Furthermore, the systems will be the interface for interactions with the customers and will help render efficient service.

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