Ensuring 29% of Energy Saving for International Telecom Service Provider by using Energy Management modules in Kalki.io

Kalkitech December 25, 2023

Customer: Europe Based International Telecom Service provider 

Industry: Metering / Energy Monitoring and Accounting


Kalki.io platform, hosted on a public cloud service provided the necessary applications to connect to smart meters, gather data from multiple makes of meters at its common Metering headend, and delivering the same to EDM application for analysis.

Scale: Monitoring data from 40,000-50,000 facilities of the telecom service provider

Business Case:

  • Europe-based international telecom service provider spent more than $1B annually on energy which is used at its various facilities and assets worldwide, wanted to reduce its spend on Energy consumption by centralized cloud-based monitoring and analysis. They want to reduce the consumption from around 40-50K locations as the initial phase of the project.
  • Their key aim was to collect meter data from DLMS based energy meters deployed across Europe from a cloud-based head end system and to make this information available to their energy data management system to monitor consumption and improve the operational efficiency of the system.

Solution Components:

  • Kalki.io deployed on a public cloud service with its metering head-end.
  • Metering-HeadEnd-Module gathered data from multiple types of L&G and EDMI DLMS meters over telecom service provider’s cellular networks.
  • Metering-headend also shared various data to make all the information available to their energy data management system to monitor consumption and improve the operational efficiency of the system
  • Maintained the complete end-to-end security including Role-Based Access Control.

Key Benefits:

  • Kalki.io was able to collect data from remote meters of multiple makes and displayed the same at Metering Headend. This also enabled the telecom service provider to have key functionality of the platform like extensive access logs, incremental backup, disaster recovery
  • With the Continuous Energy Monitoring & Energy Data Management solution, the customer achieved a maximum of up to 40% and an average of 29% of energy savings across various sites.

Webinar Link: Webinar on the complete Solution

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