Enabling communication between multiple control centers for major transmission utility in Europe via ICCP

Kalkitech December 25, 2023

Customer: Major Transmission Utility in Europe

Industry: Electrical transmission, Distributed Generation

Scale: Communication between near 10 control centers including the renewable control centers

Business Case: The Electrical transmission utility in Europe wanted integration between multiple control centers including renewable control centers of Hydro, Solar, and Wind. The communication within the control center was using different protocols like IEC104, Modbus. The integration requirement was using common ICCP protocol and data flow needed in both directions.

Proposed Solution: Kalkitech provided the complete solution based on SYNC 3000 protocol gateways supporting ICCP protocol. As the no of data points was within 1000 numbers, SYNC 3000 protocol gateways were used which enabled the communication with ICCP between the control centers and Modbus / IEC 104 protocol for getting the data within the control center (for more ICCP points SYNC 4000 based integration was suggested as shown in the architecture diagram). Binary inputs, Analog inputs, binary outputs, and analog outputs were supported. The SYNC 3000 supported ICCP types included State, StateExtended, StateQ, StateQ TimeTag, and StateQ TimeTagExtended, Discrete, Discrete Extended, Discrete Q, Discrete Q TimeTag,Discrete Q TimeTagExtended, Real,Real Extended, Real Q, Real Q TimeTag, and RealQ TimeTagExtended. EasyConnect configuration tool was used for major configuration and mapping & a separate tool was provided for creating ICCP bilateral tables and OSI parameters configuration.

Key Benefits:

  • The solution provided was completely non-invasive. The utility control centers could operate with the same functionality and protocols as before, and take these data over to other control centers via points mapped to ICCP using SYNC 3000.
  • The utility could completely manage and monitor the data from multiple renewable control centers sitting at the main control center.
  • Provided a way for complete standard-based integration.
  • Future expansions with more control centers or more data points were made easy by just changing the configuration of SYNC 3000.

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