Design, Simulate, Validate & Test IEC 61850 SS for Major Australian Transmission Utility

Kalkitech December 25, 2023

Customer: Major Australian Transmission Utility 

Industry: Transmission 

Solutions: ASE 61850 SCLManager for Engineering, ASE 61850 IED Smart for simulating the engineered SCD under lab environment & ASE 61850 TestSet for testing the actual deployment

Business Case: 

The Australian Transmission utility wanted to take advantage of the complete IEC 61850 workflow for engineering, simulating, testing, and validating the deployment. This had the key advantage of completely formalizing their process of substation engineering.

The client wanted to take the benefit of complete the IEC 61850 engineering process of designing complete IEC61850 substations generating SCD files. This was followed by simulating the SCD files in a lab environment to ensure that the design was perfect. Then follow with the real deployment and test the IEDs using IEC61850 client tools. They wanted to keep the process completely vendor-independent which would enable them to use any IED make in the system. The communication network design and managing multiple projects together were also under the scope.

Solution Components:

  • ASE 61850 SCLManager was used for designing, generating multiple SCD files.
  • ASE 61850 IEDSmart was used for simulating multiple IEDs from SCD files in the lab environment using multiple virtual IPs. Testing multiple communication and data model/data exchange use cases and confirming the SCD files for the substations.
  • Deployed the CID files to the IEDs, taking SCD files of the project and downloading them using corresponding vendor relay tools.
  • Tested the IEDs using ASE 61850 TestSet, and confirming the implementations are perfect.
  • Deployed the system completely with IEDs and the station SCADA.

Key Benefits:

  • Transmission utility got the complete workflow of the design, simulation and testing, and validation of the system before actual deployment. All the benefits of IEC 61850 work-flow could also be used.
  • The complete process was maintained vendor-independent which enabled them to add any vendor IEDs to the system
  • As the standard was futuristic, they could get updates of the tools and make use of the future amendments too.

Webinar Link: Webinar recording

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