Energy IoT Platform

This video is an introduction to, a secure energy IoT platform for enabling applications that deliver actionable intelligence for IT/OT transformation, improving operational efficiencies and providing secure access to grid data. Core services include real-time monitoring and control of field assets; role-based access control; fault management; device management; and an open interface for building robust applications. DLMS based Smart Metering HES Application

This video is an introduction to the smart metering features that are integral to the energy IoT platform. It includes application configuration and highlights of the different modules of the smart metering application.

Logging in and Basic Components

This video is a basic introduction to using the platform portal. It shows you how you can login to the portal and use the basic components that you will find there. It gives a brief introduction and explanation to each of these components such as the Home page, Setup, Dashboards, Resources, Devices, Device Data, and Reports.