ASE61850 Server Test Set

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The ASE61850 Server Test Set is a fully functional IEC 61850 Server Simulation software with scripting features and support for simulating substations compliant with the latest editions of the IEC 61850 Standard. Test drive the any or all of the three ASE 61850 Suite applications and find out the benefits for yourself.


ASE 61850 Server Test Set enables simulation and monitoring of IEC 61850 servers and supports GOOSE functionality. It offers simulation of multiple Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Simulation of standard IEC 61850-6 SCL files
  • Supports Logical Nodes and Common Data Classes of substation, hydro, wind and DER Models
  • Simulation of multiple IEDs

  • Supports all IEC 61850 8-1 services
  • Data simulation with millisecond accuracy
  • Tree based view of simulated nodes

IEC61850 Tool Accelerating Substation Modernization

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