ASE2000 & DNP3 Training Class

Kalkitech June 11, 2019

Applied Systems Engineering (ASE) has been at the forefront of utility industry protocol technology and standards for over 30 years. Over the years, we have built immense knowledge and expertise in communication protocols and have built one of the most successful protocol test set products in the Utility Industry – the ASE2000. Our experience in protocols has been further enhanced by our merger with Kalkitech to expand into the latest IEC 61850 protocol as well. We offer one of the most comprehensive sets of protocol libraries and tools in the world including legacy as well as more recent ones.

Our training programs are specifically for utility technicians and engineers who are working to resolve critical SCADA communication issues. The programs mix essential protocol knowledge needed to understand and find communication problems together with in-depth training on the ASE 2000 and ASE 61850 tool suites.

We offer two options for our customers:

  • Corporate Training Program
  • Regional Training Program

Day 1

  • DNP3 protocol basics – what it is, definitions, and in-depth insight into its structure and how it works
  • ASE2000 V2 Test Set
    • Introduction, installation and licensing
    • Hands-On Lab – software installation, operation overview, configuration, license updates
    • Modes, Exchange Mode, Operations
    • Properties – serial and network
  • Q&A

Day 2

  • ASE 2000 V2 Test Set
    • Message Capture, Viewing, Import, Export Point Data Export/Import
    • Hand-on Group Lab
      • DNP3 Serial Master & RTU Simulation
      • SNP3 Serial Monitoring Mode & Line Analyzer
      • DNP3 Network Master & RTU Simulation & Monitoring
    • Demonstration and Hands-on Lab
      • Monitoring, Capture Exchanges, Viewing Data, ASE Message Viewer
  • Problem and resolution discussion
  • Q&A

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